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Truth Images Plus - Your Gateway to Inspirational Discipleship Visuals

We offer a remarkable collection of Pentecostal Apostolic discipleship materials for teaching and other purposes. Our discipleship images are specially curated for Pentecostal Apostolic churches and ministries. With over 1,000 artistic images and photos, our vast library caters to a wide range of themes and concepts. Truth Images Plus main mission is to empower Pentecostal Apostolic churches and ministries to visually communicate with their communities, fostering spiritual growth and enriching the journey of faith.

Our Collection

Our collection of images is meticulously designed to provide Pentecostal Apostolic churches with powerful tools for enhancing their teaching, preaching, and worship experiences. As you explore our gallery, you'll find an array of visuals that can be used in various discipleship and ministry contexts. From Bible study truth images to visual images for evangelism, we have the perfect images of truth to amplify your message.

Discipleship Images for Church: We understand the significance of impactful visuals in the realm of discipleship. Our discipleship images for the church are carefully crafted to complement your teachings and engage your congregation. These images capture the essence of biblical truths, helping your community connect with the Pentecostal Apostolic teachings on a deeper level.

Photos and Artistic Images for Church: Our collection goes beyond conventional photographs. We believe in the power of art to convey profound spiritual messages. Thus, we offer an exquisite range of artistic images that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. These images add depth and beauty to your church's visual communication.

Visual Images for Evangelism: Effective evangelism requires compelling visuals that can touch hearts and souls. Our visual images for evangelism are tailored to evoke emotion and create a lasting impact. Utilize these visuals to share the Gospel with passion, making a difference in the lives of those you reach.

Enhance Discipleship with Instructional Study Material: To aid your discipleship efforts, we go beyond just images. We also provide Discipleship instructional study materials that accompany our visuals. These materials offer valuable insights, discussion points, questions, and outlines, making them perfect companions for your discipleship programs and Bible studies.

Bible Reader Board Messages: Transform your church's reader board into an engaging platform for sharing Bible truths. Our collection includes ready-to-use Bible reader board messages that will capture the attention of passersby and inspire them with the message of hope and faith.

Short Videos - Bible Truths - Reader Board: Visual storytelling is a powerful tool in conveying biblical messages. Our short videos offer impactful visual narratives that present Bible truths in a captivating manner. These videos can be used on your reader boards, social media platforms, or during church services to engage your congregation in a unique way.

1,000 Plus Downloadable Images


Truth Images Plus offers quality Artistic Designs and Photos (over 1,000 photos and artistic designed images) for all your presentations and other church material.

Quality images are available for download to enhance your presentations.  Set your work apart with exciting visual enhancements, available exclusively from

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1.  The Plan of the Ages     
2.  Revelations of Daniel

These Prophecy charts are printed on a heavy quality paper.  The artistry in these charts make them suitable for framing or/and can be used as teaching aids.

*Frames and matting are not
included in the pricing.
The Plan of the Ages-Framed.jpg
Revelations of Daniel-Framed.jpg
Upon the completion of Search for Truth Bible Studies or other Dispensational Studies,"The Plan of the Ages Charts" could be given to the student.

Why Choose Truth Images Plus?

Diverse Collection: Our extensive library ensures you'll find the perfect visual for any discipleship theme or concept.

Artistic Excellence: Our images and artwork are created with precision and passion, reflecting the beauty of Pentecostal Apostolic Biblical truths.

Enhanced Communication: Use our visuals to communicate effectively with your community, fostering spiritual growth.

Comprehensive Support: Our instructional study material and reader board messages complement the visuals for a holistic discipleship experience.

Ease of Use: Our visuals are user-friendly and can be integrated seamlessly into various platforms and media.

We believe in the transformative power of visuals in the journey of faith. Our discipleship images, instructional materials, reader board messages, and short videos are designed to support your church's mission in communicating the Gospel with clarity and creativity. Enhance your teaching, preaching, and worship experiences with our inspiring visuals. Explore our collection today and embark on a visual journey, encouraging spiritual growth.

The Best!

The Finest!

Quality that counts!


We aim to please our customers.  Should you see anything on this site that doesn't fit your expectations, please let us know.  Email us at

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