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Roy McGee

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After pastoring four churches over nearly four decades, Roy McGee retired from his last pastorate.  He and his wife, Darlene, began their journey together on October 12, 1965 while Roy was still in the army.  After being discharged from the service they made their way to San Jose, California where they attended the First United Pentecostal Church, pastored by Rev. Voar Shoemake, and later, his son Rev. Jimmy Shoemake.  While in California, Roy and Darlene were blessed with two children, a daughter and son.  Years later their children gave them four grandchildren.  Their family recently increased by one when one of their granddaughters married a fine young man.

Both Roy and Darlene were used in various capacities in the church in California. Roy began working in bus ministry and did so for several years.  They were the Sunday School Junior Department leaders over a team of teachers.  Roy also had a great passion for outreach and taught many home Bible Studies.

Upon moving from California to west Texas, Roy served for a brief time as assistant pastor in Lamesa before assuming his first pastorate in Laneburg, Arkansas.  A few years later he and another minister friend began a home missions work in another town.  After working together for about one year his friend decided to move and Roy resigned his first pastorate.  He became the Pastor of the new church and served there for about four years before being voted in as Pastor in another church in Louisiana.

After gaining approval from the U.P.C. Virginia District Board, Roy and Darlene sold their home in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1997 and made the long move to Salem, Virginia.  Soon after their arrival, they began services in the community center where they were renting an apartment.  A few months later they were able to purchase a building in a prominent business area and Truth Tabernacle was established, and is a vibrant bilingual church to this day.

Roy served several years on the Virginia District Board alongside of some very fine men and under the superior leadership of District Superintendent Jack Cunningham.  The quality of this time spent with men like Michael Blankenship, Cecil Hutchings, Sam Chamberlain, Rex Williams, Danny Grizzle, Greg Douglas, Bill Douglas, Farley Christian, and others cannot be overstated.

While pastoring in Salem, Roy became a jail and prison volunteer.  For about eight and a half  years he was the Chaplain of two different prisons.  After his retirement from the Chaplaincy at the last prison where he served, Roy, Darlene and others from Truth Tabernacle went into the prison as volunteers.  They continued serving as volunteers until COVID caused the volunteer programs to be shut down in early 2020.

On June 1, 2020 Roy retired as pastor of Truth Tabernacle in Salem, Virginia.  He and Darlene remained at Truth Tabernacle at the request of the new pastor, Derek Pederson, during the transitional period of several months.  In early 2021, after selling their home in Roanoke, Virginia, they moved to Texas to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  Presently, they reside in Cleburne, Texas and attend the First United Pentecostal Family Church, pastored by Rev. Dewaun Ashley.  Roy is one of the adult Sunday School  teachers, and ministers on different occasions at Family Church and other churches in the district.

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