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Artistic Design & Photos

With over 1,000 images and photos, “Artistic Design and Photos” are perfect for use in slide presentations and/or with other Medias.  Many quality downloadable images have been created and are now available on this website to be expressly used in presenting a more professional look.  While you may be able to use standard designs found in different software and on different sites, you will find “Artistic Design and Photos” give a different and more exciting flair to your presentations.  Upon using “Artistic Design and Photos”, it will set your work apart from many others.

Add your text to this in your flyers, bulletins, handouts, memos, Powerpoint slide presentations and more...

Use this as a theme, as represented by the butterfly and the fresh Daisies with the word "Thrive".  The colors speak of  something new, fresh and clean.  Springtime is in the air and you can almost smell the flowers!

By using the slide/slides shown, you can see the possibilities are endless.  However, with the vast array of designs, it allows for the imagination to take flight and soar into the stratosphere. 

Artistic Design and Photos where quality counts

Here you will find many quality photos used with the perfect mix of artistry, designed with the church in mind.

Yes, you can find many thousands of photos and images across the internet, but how many of them qualify to be used in the manner found on this site?  Artistic Design and Photos will add the ideal imagery to all your projects requiring the need for drawing the viewer's interest.  Once you have their interest, it is then that you can deliver your message.

Artistic Design and Photos are a great choice for all your designs. 


The Power of Imagery

The image itself is designed to carry and convey a message.  Sometimes, it is very simple in its design, while at other times more complex.  Depending on the message to be conveyed, determines the complexity.  Also, the talent and abilities of the artist are critical to the conveyance of your message.

At Truth Images Plus, we understand the need for detail when creating and delivering a Biblical account or message.  Quality is important to us since each design must show imagery revealing a facet of truth, and at times speaks volumes concerning certain subject matter.


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