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A "Visual Variable", in this case, is a graphic image conveying "Truths"

There are any number of ways to deliver a message to an audience, buyer, consumer, and such.  However, when it comes to the internet or in other areas of media, one of the most important methods of delivering a message is through imagery.  While this can be done with video/ streaming, and using audio, it can also be accomplished with well designed graphic images.

Another method of getting the attention of the viewer is through a manner we choose to call,,,"VISUAL VARIABLES".  Since we here at "Truth Images Plus" are interested in conveying "Truths", we have added "Truths" to the "Visual Variables.  Thus, our graphics take on the name; "VISUAL VARIABLE TRUTHS".

The "VISUAL VARIABLE TRUTHS" images sold on this site can be used on Reader Boards, projection devices, and sharing with others with various electronic devices.  These were designed for church or individual usage in sharing valuable truths.

A "Snippet of Truth" speaks of and references one slide used in teaching and capturing the attention of your audience.

The most important factor by far in preaching and teaching in the church is the absolute need for anointing.  Second to that is inspiration.  While this can be achieved through much preparation,  prayer and trusting GOD, there is something else making it possible.  This is where relationship comes into play.  Without prayer and fasting, we could never develop a strong enduring relationship with JESUS.


Since we cannot improve on the unction and anointing of the HOLY GHOST, we must not attempt to do so.  Please understand, when speaking of a "Snippet of Truth", we only use them as teaching aides to capture and keep the attention of our audience while delivering powerful, wonderful and glorious messages of truth.

"Snippets of Truths" can also be sent to friends and others in conveying portions of scriptures and/or songs to encourage and strengthen, to cause those who may be searching, hurting, down-cast or for any number of other reasons to know there is hope.  "Snippets of Truths" can lift one out of their despair or perhaps even challenge one to press onward towards the mark and the High Calling, only found in CHRIST JESUS!

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