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Well over 1,000 Artistic Design and Photos can be used in several ways.  Many are the original graphic art or photos that are also formatted in sepia and blue tones.  They have been designed or photos taken to help in the expression of any and/all your desired slides, to be used with PowerPoint or other media; and as handouts, flyers, posters, and such.

Artistic Designs & Photos - Compressed

  • All images are .jpg formatted.

  • The "Purchaser" or their representatives reserves the right to use all content downloaded for their purposes to use in their church or church group only.  Purchaser cannot sell for profit or any other material gain.  Each of these can be changed and rendered in the  way the purchaser or their representatives may choose, providing they are used in a non-disparaging way.  Also, they cannot be used in a manner that may be degrading of content or of others.

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